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Our sustainable and recycled furniture creations, made right here in Melbourne, are one of a kind, beautiful pieces made from ethically sourced and environmentally responsible materials. Raw materials such as recycled timber and steel are sourced from disused docks, old warehouses and forgotten places.

What was a 100 year old warehouse floor can be recycled and transformed into a beautiful dining table. What was a machinist’s old workbench is now an office work desk, and what was a old sorting table now a uniquely recycled retail counter. The possibilities are endless.

“You won’t find this sort of thing in a department store”.

“We recently bought a workbench style breakfast bar from Con and Barbara at Recycled Lane, had two stools made to go with it and are now intending to have a dining table and benches made. The whole process has been great, from initial phone call and emails, to discussing in person the use and/or suitability of different timbers for the look we wanted through to quoting, payment options and finally shipping!

Con and Barbara are super flexible and go to great lengths to ensure they understand and produce exactly what you want. I love the variety of timbers to choose from and also the colours, not only in the timber itself but in salvaged materials such as the fantastic green of the Ponsford Stand timber they have available, basketball court flooring etc. You won’t find this sort of thing in a department store. 

Sheridan & Tim – Jamberoo NSW

Melbourne’s Home of Recycled Furniture

For years now our artisan team at Melbourne’s Recycled Lane has been crafting, dreaming and giving our clients stunning reimagined recycled furniture for their space. By giving new life to forgotten things we’ve created a range of beautiful, functional and sustainable furnishings for any occasion.


Just Arrived!

Red Metal Island Bench with Blackbutt Top - Close Up

Looking for something unique, never seen, and made using ethically sourced materials? We’ve got what you’re looking for.

Bespoke Design

Retro Fit Kitchen 2-Industrial Workbench

We offer our clients the option to custom make ethical furnishings. From small spaces to unusual shapes we’re here to help.

The Showcase

Outdoor Setting - Close Up

Indoors or outdoors, summer or winter, our range of sustainable furniture will give your place a gorgeous look all year round.

Our Philosophy

Retro Fit Kitchen 5- Bespoke School Style Bench

Our sustainable furnishings aren’t just unique, beautiful, recycled and functional they’re also built to stand the test of time.

Every Piece Has Its Secrets…

Introducing ‘The Albert Industrial’

Each of our unique creations has a history to share and a story to tell. By breathing new life into old things we create a new history, one that you can share with family and friends.

Our current ‘piece in profile’ is what we refer to as ‘The Albert Industrial’. Created from a combination of  salvaged and recycled materials, this piece is truly one of a kind. The base has been remodelled from a very old roller mechanism used with very large sliding doors in a factory in North Melbourne. The rustic hardwood top has been fashioned from recycled flooring material salvaged from the old Albert Park sporting complex. Please Note: This very unique base has recently been sold and awaiting a different top for it’s new life.  However the rustic hardwood top is still available. Got an idea for a base to complement this top? Then let us know. Contribute your own creativity or allow us creative licence to create a stunning piece for your space!

Click on image ‘hot spots’ below for more secrets…

The Albert Industrial

Table top, with breadboard ends, has been created from Recycled Hardwood Flooring (40mm thick) Salvaged from the old Albert Park Sporting Complex.


This very unique base was once a roller mechanism that supported large sliding doors in a North Melbourne factory. It has since been remodelled and re-fashioned into the one-of-a-kind base you see today. Castors are functional and the table can be rolled from side to side if required.


Mmmm… Yummy Bread!


Please Note:  This base has recently been sold however the rustic hardwood top is still available for sale. We are currently in the process of creating a new base to complement this lovely top.  If you can see this top in your own space and have an idea for a base, then let us know!

Did you know…

We can create a bespoke, recycled furniture for your home? We have a great range of industrial, retro, vintage, art deco, classical, and modern materials & ideas. All styles can be incorporated and blended together with to create your individual piece! WOW.